First Sunday Styrofoam & Plastics Recycling

On-island styrofoam & plastics recycling takes place on the First Sunday of the month from 10am to 4pm at the Sheffield Bldg – 18850 103rd Ave SW. The collected styrofoam is then trucked to StyroRecycle in Kent. Option #2 plastics go to DTG in Renton. Check the ZWV events calendar for verification of the event date.

At this event, some other recyclables that are not accepted at the transfer station will be collected. See below for a listing of what is accepted. Please assist our volunteers by having your styrofoam clean (tape and labels removed) and dry. Smaller items should be sorted and bagged for easy drop-off.  Sort items by type of material. For example, all low-density styrofoam separate from regular styrofoam, styrofoam packing peanuts bagged separately, all bubblewrap items together, all soft plastics together, etc.

Wear a mask and remain in your vehicle; let the FSS&PR crew remove the recyclables. Materials must be clean & dry, free from Tape & Labels. Wet materials will go to Alternate Fuel production.

Volunteers are what make this event work. Do you want to help? It’s just a few hours at the beginning of the month. Many hands make light work. If interested, contact

Click on the text below to see the list of accepted materials:

-> Styrofoam Recycle and Plastics Accept List March 2020


Do you need some packing materials for shipping? 

Reusable shipping materials exchange – Drop off or pickup for re-use

  • Packing Peanuts – Contained in Closed Boxes or Plastic Bags
  • Sheet Polyethylene
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Sheet Styrofoam

      Note: All materials must be Clean & Dry, free from Tape & Labels.

First Sunday StyroPlastics Program Leader: Nadine Edelstein,‬
First Sunday StyroPlastics Program Volunteer Coordinator: Jacquie Perry,
First Sunday StyroPlastics Program ZWV representative: Steve Bergman,