A by-product from anaerobic digestion and from biochar production is biogas. The methane gas is about 65% pure methane. 1,000 pounds of food waste will produce approximately 100-150 tons of biogas. By capturing the methane in a sealed process these systems convert organic materials that might otherwise be the source of methane emissions in landfills or lagoons. Biogas is highly usable fuel source for heat, power and transportation. Biogas systems provide multiple important benefits – renewable energy, soil nutrient recycling, localized waste solutions, and new jobs. Biogas can be compressed and stored on-site for local use or it can be piped into the existing natural gas stream. The amount of biogas produced will vary with the quality of the feedstock. In a typical AD system 1 ton produces ~3000 ft3 of biogas, and 1 ton produces ~220 kWh electric power. (source: BioFerm)