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New rules at the Vashon Transfer Station allow free, mixed recycling of cardboard, glass and plastics.

Vashon Transfer Station

New Rules at the KCSW Transfer Station

Starting Jan 2, 2018 cardboard, scrap metal and yard waste  will not be accepted as garbage. They must be recycled. There is no charge for recycling these items except for yard and food waste. Yard and food waste fees are less than half the fees for garbage.

“When recyclable materials are put back into the economy, they help create local jobs while conserving natural resources by reducing the need to create new products from virgin materials.”

Vashon Transfer Station Guide

Vashon – What do I do with…?  Here is a quick reference table of recyclable locations for Vashon residents

Granny’s Attic is a non-profit that takes a wide range of items and resells them. They provide charitable health-care support for island residents.

Vashon FreeCycle is a local Yahoo! group for the free exchange of goods and services.

The Vashon Transfer Station accepts glass, aluminum and tin cans, paper, some plastics, cardboard, clothing, fluorescent tubes and metals There is no longer any need to separate items except for, textiles, fluorescent bulbs and large metal pieces. Limit 10 fluorescent bulbs and tubes per person per day.

King County Recycling Guiide

Ace Hardware Service Center takes batteries of all sizes

For more recycling options King County has a What do I do with…? 

Earth 911 is also a nice resource. Select the item and enter our zip code.

SBK Recycle in Tacoma and Friendly Earth in Seattle (SODO) will take your electronic recyclables.

Want to know what happens with your recycling after it’s collected?