It’s solveable

The Problem

Trash piechart

Landfills produce methane: a greenhouse gas that traps 21 times more heat than carbon dioxide (CO2).

In 2013 almost 140 tons of garbage were trucked off island to the landfill EVERY WEEK! Of Vashon’s total solid waste 90% goes to the landfill. 10% is currently recycled by Vashon (good job!). Up to 75% of the trash we currently send to the landfill could be composted, reused or recycled.

A lot of divertable trash is yard waste. Burning waste at home or at the jobsite releases carbon and toxins into the atmosphere. Instead of burning this organic matter can be turned into compost, fuel and biochar.

Our consumption and disposal practices have a cumulative impact on the health of the planet. In King County over 800,000 tons of garbage is handled each year. Keeping materials with reuse or recycling value out of the landfill allows room for “true” garbage and allows the landfill to function longer. Reaching for a Zero Waste of Resources future is the responsible thing to do in the face of limited natural resources, ever expanding population growth and economic potential with remanufacture.