Hack Your Trash Challenge!

Zero Waste Vashon Hack Your Trash Challenge

Calling all students grades 5-10!  Are you getting tired of staring at a screen all day?

Are you ready to do something creative, something inventive, something earth-changing?  

The ZWV Hack Your Trash Challenge is your chance.

Here’s how it works – think of all the stuff we normally throw away (or recycle). Now reimagine it as the building blocks for something new.

You could make art, a useful product, a crazy new invention.  You could save the world!  And there will be AWARDS.

There will be three categories based on grade level.

Grades 4-5

Grades 6-8

Grades 9-10

Your project can be a piece of art, a useful object or a totally new invention.

The main components of your project should be items that are normally considered “trash” or “waste”. This includes things from

  the trash.

  the recycle bin.

  • things that don’t fit in the bin but are headed to the dump.
  • any of those weird bits and pieces you’ve got stashed away because you can’t quite bring yourself to throw them out (that one earring, the wheels from a toy car).

It is ok to use “non-waste” materials to complete your project like glue, staples, nails, paint or other items. But remember, the goal is to use as much “waste” material as you can.

If your idea is something that would use waste products, but that you can’t actually make yourself, you can create a design. This means a detailed description of the product, along with drawings and diagrams to show the “waste” materials that would be used and what the end product would look like.

There are lots of good ideas on the Web. It’s ok if you use an idea that’s already out there. Just be sure to make it your own.

Here are lots of good examples

More advanced examples

Sign up here:


We’ll be in touch with ideas, reminders and details on how to submit your final project.

Have fun!

The contest ends May 9, 2021.