ZWV at the Bee 2015

Zero Waste Vashon sponsored a team at Vashon’s annual spelling bee fundraiser for the Vashon Scholarship Foundation at Camp Burton on 2/7/15. It was a great opportunity to give ZWV more exposure in the community, and the team’s trash-themed costumes attracted plenty of attention (you can make lots of noise drumming on a metal garbage can).

 The team — Shannon Brundle, Emily Macrae and Eric Pryne — was among the last 4 or 5 teams standing among the 15 that entered. The word that tripped our team up: “desuetude.” Never heard of it? Neither had the moderators. Since they were disqualified in the same round as all remaining teams but the two finalists, you could say our team tied for third. And ours was the last team standing that wasn’t composed entirely of 20-somethings! (Click on the image to enlarge.)