Yard and Food Waste Pilot Program

ZWV is excited to announce the beginning of the yard and food waste pilot program at the Vashon transfer station starting October 5, 2015. Zero Waste Vashon (ZWV) and King County Solid Waste Division (SWD) are partnering to conduct a one-year pilot program for collection of yard and food waste at the Vashon Recycling & Transfer Station (VRTS). This is the first time that such a program has been developed at VRTS.

During the one-year pilot program, King County SWD will:

Transport the yard and food waste to privately owned Cedar Grove Composting, Inc. in Maple Valley to be composted.

Track and assess the quantities and types of yard and food waste delivered to VRTS.

This data will provide a basis for determining whether it is viable to process yard and food waste on Vashon rather than transporting them off the island. Fees for yard and food waste will be lower than the garbage fees: The minimum fee for yard and food waste will be $12 per entry (which covers up to 320 pounds) or $75 per ton, versus garbage disposal fees of $22 per entry minimum or $129.40 per ton. These are the same fees paid for yard waste at other King County recycling and transfer stations. The pilot program will help King County determine costs to provide this service beyond the one-year pilot program.

Vashon residents and businesses: Your help is needed!

Your participation in the pilot program will help determine if a permanent yard and food waste collection program is feasible on Vashon Island. At VRTS, place your yard and food waste in the designated area next to the “Yard and food waste” sign.

To reduce food waste consider:

 (1) food waste prevention: reduce food waste in the first place

(2) home composting: compost at home and use the compost in their gardens.  

(3) shared collection: share  a bin with neighbors and share delivery + $12 fee.

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