The Art of Recycling – Summer 2015

Vashon Island native Mike Urban, was always intrigued with archaeology. Instead of following that path, his career put him behind the camera as a photojournalist for the Seattle PI for twenty years. While he still loves freelance photography for all sorts of events, in recent years the artist in him was driven to combine his love of history and sculpture. “I was teaching myself to weld a few years ago and got bored. I wanted to do something that excited me, so I started making these creatures.” Seeing himself as a ‘taxidermist in steel,’ Urban culls through rusty piles of metal at estate sales, barns and yard sales looking for bits and pieces that ultimately take on new life in his sculpture. “It’s evolved; where I was using 20 parts, now I use hundreds. I strive to make them anatomically correct and capture flow, attitude and action. I try to use forms that curve, twist and turn.”

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Kathy's Corner 9-19-2012  Zach Drape, Vashon, WA. Photograph by Mike Urban