Zero Waste Vashon (ZWV) is a group of Vashon Island neighbors working in partnership with King County to make our island a model green community by finding practical ways to recycle our waste stream into useful products.

ZWV is partnering with King County for a ZERO WASTE future. We can have revitalized soils, cleaner water, cleaner air, and locally sourced energy.

  • Inorganic waste can be better managed and processed.
  • Organic waste decomposing in landfills leads to greenhouse gases and must be diverted for the overall health of the planet.  It is a goal of ZWV to challenge the perception that green material is waste and instead honor it as a resource.
  • Organic waste should be converted locally.  We are looking at the feasibility of an island-located composting facility.
  • Complementary technology options including anaerobic digestion, biogas creation, passive and active solar, biosolids, and biochar should be considered as components to create a highly efficient organic recycle facility.
  • Exploring soil amelioration techniques at the new VM Community Food Bank Farm behind the IGA – Beachcomber article